Cosma records is a D.I.Y. underground label.
specialized in dark music:
dsbm-dark ambient/techno-industrial.
All releases are free downloads if possible!
you can always ask for the files.
Bands who are interested,let us now.
Don't send your material before asking!

In a desperate attempt to transform flesh into art and sound, COSMA was born.

To force the shattered shards of a broken mind into audible reflective surfaces and summon guides in the endeavor of hermetic re-creation.

Produced by whatever means, when and wherever, unrestrained by genre or method,

COSMA's sounds and art are a second skin.

It is difficult to separate sound and word from man.

All of his work relies on improvisation, snipping shadows off moments gone, and arduously attempting to compile them again into something vaguely familiar.

Something to rest on and reach inside from.

If there is something sacred to COSMA, be it muddy and foul or gleaming pure, it must be imagination.